Join Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District for a make and take rain barrel workshop!

What: Rain Barrel Workshop

When: July 16, 2019 | 10AM

Where: Middletown Public Works Facility, 19 Berkeley Ave, Middletown, RI

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$35 materials cost


Courtesy of Eastern Rhode Island Conservation District:

Thanks to Coca-Cola, the Eastern RI Conservation District has 35 used syrup containers for participants to turn into rain barrels. We are sponsoring a rain barrel workshop at 10:00 am on Saturday July 13 at the Middletown Public Works facility at 19 Berkeley Avenue.

For conservation and for pollution prevention, installing a rain barrel to collect and store rainwater for use on your lawn and gardens is a simple but powerful way to make a difference for the Aquidneck Island and Narragansett Bay.

During the course of this workshop, participants will be provided with the necessary parts ($35 per kit) and guided through the process of converting these containers into allies for a cleaner Narragansett Bay. It will begin with a presentation on how home lawn and garden practices impact our waters and how we can make a difference and will include hands-on prepping and painting of the rain barrels.

Lawn and garden watering typically makes up 40% of total summer household water usage, according to the EPA. Plus, the biggest threat to our waters today is polluted runoff water that runs off our roofs and into our streets and alleys, carrying all the oil, sediment and other contaminants that it picks up along the way into our lakes, rivers and streams.