The Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) is Rhode Island’s principal programming document for major transportation projects, developed by Statewide PlanningRI Dept. of Transportation (RIDOT), and RIPTA through an open, public process. A new TIP, with a ten-year planning horizon, was recently approved by the State Planning Council and the US Department of Transportation.

Working closely with the Island municipalities, AIPC developed 11 proposals for the new TIP, advocating projects of Island-wide importance, from improved ferry service to the Aquidneck Island Bikeway. The State included four of these proposals in the final TIP. AIPC will continue to track the state’s transportation planning and funding process to ensure implementation of these actions, and will continue to work to include additional transportation improvements in state and municipal plans and policies.


AIPC, RIDOT, RIPTACity of Newport, Towns of Middletown and Portsmouth.


To create a safer, more accessible, cleaner, and more diverse transportation system on Aquidneck Island – in order to better protect public health and the environment, foster economic development, and improve recreation opportunities on the Island.


Four of AIPC’s TIP proposals were accepted into the FFY 2017-2025 RI State Transportation Improvement Program:

1. Melville Path Connector (Aquidneck Island Bikeway segment)
Cost: $2.16 million
Year: 2024

2. East Main Road Shared Use Path (Hedly to Enterprise Dr. with signals at Quaker Hill & Union St.)
Cost: $3.0 million
Year: 2021‐2022

3. Mount Hope Bay Bicycle Improvements (on-road improvements)
Cost: $160,000
Year: 2023

4. “First Mile” Shared Use Path ‐ Newport Secondary Rail ROW
Cost: $7.2 million
Year: 2021‐2024