Stormwater is not a new problem. EPA and the RI DEM have worked for decades to address stormwater pollution, the leading cause of water quality impairments in the state. But the reality of climate change exacerbates the problems of stormwater management. Rhode Island has seen increasingly intense storms – the number of extreme precipitation events (> 2 inches of rain in less than 48 hours) occurring annually has doubled since 1914. These storms increase the risk of inland flooding and strain the state’s “gray” stormwater infrastructure. Intense storms impact the local and state economy. On Aquidneck Island, inland flooding combines with coastal flooding, and the impacts on residents, businesses and tourists are significant.

AIPC is one of 37 members of the RI Green Infrastructure Coalition, a body that advocates, constructs, and supports infiltrating and naturally treating stormwater. We foster implementation of green infrastructure in urban communities to improve the environment and create local jobs.

  • We advocate for private, statewide, and municipal funding to plan and build projects that mitigate stormwater flooding, provide climate change resilience, and improve water quality. Our advocacy uses already-built projects around that state to demonstrate potential for protecting water quality and human health from bacteria, oil and road-spills, sand, nitrogen and other pollutants carried in storm-water.
  • Green infrastructure construction varies from simple residential rain gardens to municipal engineered street sewer diversions.
  • We foster Green infrastructure through education, support for funding – grants and bonds, models of working with governments, and best-available information.


Click here for a list of green infrastructure coalition members.

  • To reduce the risk of flooding and the harmful impact of storm-water by sponsoring and advocating for rain garden projects, habitat restoration, and other runoff solutions
  • To educate homeowners and encourage homeowners to disconnect downspouts from the sanitary system.
  • To protect historic neighborhoods from flooding
  • To create jobs while increasing the resilience of the built environment to climate change.


Click here for a list of Green Infrastructure Coalition projects on Aquidneck Island.