Rhode Island’s greatest economic strength is in our natural assets – Narragansett Bay, the rivers, the coast, the ponds, and the surrounding lands distinguish Rhode Island and make it great. The 2016 and 2018 Green Economy bonds invested $35 million and $47.3 million (respectively) in protecting our land and water and building healthy communities.

The Green Economy Bonds provide funds for:

  • State land conservation and parks development
  • Local open space protection and parks development
  • Protecting clean water and clean up brownfields
  • Bike path development


Protect clean water and open space to enhance quality of life in our communities

  • Protect water quality in Narragansett Bay
  • Conserve new open space and farmland
  • Restore river banks to prevent flooding
  • Preserve state and municipal park land

Strengthen the economy by bolstering tourism and recreation

  • Create new jobs for Rhode Islanders
  • Expand the statewide bike path network
  • Reduce the number of beach closure days
  • Ensure the high quality of local seafood