About AIPC


AIPC works to preserve and improve the environment, economy and quality of life on Aquidneck Island ­ – to ensure that the Island remains a great place to live, work, play and thrive.

We pursue the achievement of our mission by:

  • Leading the development and realization of a shared vision for the future of Aquidneck Island among municipalities, citizens and institutions;
  • Providing new and effective information, analysis and technical assistance to municipal governments and others that supports empirically sound, collaborative decision-making;
  • Building and leading partnerships for communication and coordinated action among all stakeholders regarding the future of Aquidneck Island.


The Aquidneck Island Planning Commission envisions an Aquidneck Island that is dynamic, sustainable and connected:

  • Dynamic: Aquidneck Island’s institutional and physical infrastructure supports shared economic prosperity through well-managed growth and technological and business innovation. We develop and maintain world leadership in our areas of competitive advantage (sailing, marine & defense technology, tourism). We support thriving cultural and arts institutions while preserving our historic heritage, and improve educational opportunities and resources at all levels. Affordable housing and accessible technology attract and retain residents of all ages and skill levels.
  • Sustainable: Aquidneck Island communities and institutions make informed choices about land use, infrastructure and economic development that preserve our environmental quality, and which will continue to meet our needs well into the future. The Island supports a healthy environment including clean air and water, ample open space and public shore access, and diverse opportunities for outdoor recreation. Communities maintain the viability of working farms; reduce traffic and transportation impacts; and increase renewable energy production. The Island ensures storm protection and climate change preparedness, and reduces reliance on off-island sources of food, energy and water.
  • Connected: Citizens and communities are well-connected to one another and to the world, physically, digitally and economically. Citizens are informed and engaged in collaborative decision-making regarding the future of the Island. Cutting-edge communications technology is available and accessible to support businesses and residents.


The Aquidneck Island Planning Commission was established in 1985 by the municipalities of Middletown, Newport and Portsmouth, and the State of Rhode Island, and has completed many important projects on Aquidneck Island.

AIPC is overseen by a 12-member Board of Directors with four appointees from each of the Island municipalities. Our advisory committee includes a sitting Council member from each Island municipality, as well as representatives of other organizations such as the Newport County Chamber of Commerce and Naval Station Newport. AIPC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which receives an annual donation from each of the three Island municipalities, but raises most of its operating and project funding from state, federal and private grants and donations.

View and download:

  • IRS Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • IRS Form 990s, Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax
  • Annual and Status Reports


AIPC is:

  • Community-based. Our work supports the diversity and integrity of Aquidneck Island’s people, municipalities, institutions and neighborhoods within the framework of an inclusive Island-wide community vision.
  • We maintain an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders and the public to expand our knowledge base, benefit from many ideas and perspectives and ensure that our work adds value to the community.
  • We partner with many agencies, organizations and individuals in our work, adding our capacity to theirs to leverage better results at minimum added costs.
  • Multi-disciplinary. We synthesize information and ideas from many different fields and work across administrative and cultural borders to expand our vision and impact for Aquidneck Island.
  • Our work adds value to every Aquidneck Island community and delivers broad benefits to residents, visitors, businesses and agencies in all communities.
  • Forward-looking. We anticipate critical trends and emerging needs and take a long term vision so that our work and plans to add lasting value.
  • Results-oriented. Our plans and programs lead to tangible results.