Civic engagement is an essential goal of the Aquidneck Island Planning Commission as we seek to keep Islanders informed and involved in policy- and decision-making that affects us all. The Smart Island Series of public forums plays a key role in this, quarterly gathering local and regional leaders to take part in panels and discussions on topics relevant to ensuring a smarter, cleaner, and healthier future for Aquidneck Island. AIPC organizes the Smart Island Series in partnership with the Newport Daily News. Most forums take place at the CCRI Auditorium in Newport, and are always free and open to the public.

Upcoming forums: 

The next installment will be the Newport County Legislative Forum on April 27th, a conversation with Newport County’s state senators and representatives. We will discuss the 2017 legislative session, focusing on issues of importance to Aquidneck Island and Newport County. The discussion will be moderated by Neil Steinberg, President & CEO of the Rhode Island Foundation; we’ll cover current issues and take questions from the audience. Get tickets here.

Past forums:

National, regional, and local leaders in water quality discussed the state of Aquidneck Island’s fresh and salt waters, and what we all can do to ensure clean water in the future. View or download the PowerPoint presentation here.

Led by state and local policymakers and energy leaders, the forum explored new ways of financing renewable energy and efficiency improvements, helping individuals, businesses and municipalities on Aquidneck Island create a more sustainable and affordable energy system. Read news coverage here.

Future forum topics:

  • Aging on the Island – Aquidneck Island’s population is aging while school populations are declining. What are the implications for the Island’s economy, housing and transportation systems?
  • Broadband Communications – Aquidneck Island is poorly served for broadband communications. How can we foster competition and improve service for Island homes and businesses?