Rhode island’s greatest economic strength is in our natural assets – Narragansett Bay, the rivers, the coast, the ponds, and the surrounding lands distinguish Rhode Island and make it great. The 2016 Green Economy Bond invests $35 million in protecting our land and water and building healthy communities.

The Green Economy Bond will provide:

  • $8 million for state land conservation and parks development
  • $9 million for local open space protection and parks development
  • $8 million to protect clean water and clean up brownfields
  • $10 million for bike path development.


The green economy bond is supported by 24 Rhode Island cities and towns, and many local organizations. Learn more here.


Protect clean water and open space to enhance quality of life in our communities

  • Protect water quality in Narragansett Bay
  • Conserve new open space and farmland
  • Restore river banks to prevent flooding
  • Preserve state and municipal park land

Strengthen the economy by bolstering tourism and recreation

  • Create new jobs for Rhode Islanders
  • Expand the statewide bike path network
  • Reduce the number of beach closure days
  • Ensure the high quality of local seafood


The green economy bond will go to vote on November 8, 2016.